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Agios Isidoros - Plomari - At Saint Isidoros Plomari Lesvos (Lesbos) Greece meet the Hotel Vicky-Στον Άγιο Ισίδωρο στο Πλώμάρι της Λέσβου γνωρίστε το ξενοδοχείο Βίκυ



Agios Isidoros - Plomari



Agios Isidoros beach with the unique pebbles is one of the clearest beaches of Lesvos, which is most equipped for the bathers..

The sensitivity for the environment, the cleanness, the security and nature, guarantee moments of pleasure.

The above reasons have led to the enactment of the 7th best beach in Greece, a vote that took place on the Internet under the "Clean shores" The Organization of nature protection and  FEEE awards continuously since 1992 and give the right to post there, the blue flag of Europe.



Plomari area

It consists of the small town of Plomari and of the villages Akrasi,  Abeliko,  Megalochori, Neochori,  Paleochori,  Plagia and Trigonas. The town of Plomari is an insular town with a view over the blue sea of Aegean.

It is a small town of 3800 inhabitants. It was built in 1845. The modern town is built around the old historical centre and the Church of Saint Nikolaos. It consists of the neighbourhoods Platano, Agia Paraskevi, Tarsana, Agora, Proastio, Prophet Elias.

To the east of Plomari and 2 kilometres from it, we will find the summer resort Saint Isidoros and to the west of Plomari the picturesque area Ammoudeli.
At the port of Plomari we meet the neighborhood of Tarssana (old shipyard) where during the last century sailing-vessels were being constructed with special techniques by the experienced workers for  the Aegean market. Here we find the Cultural Center housed in a building of an old soap making factory



The weather throughout the year is the best in the insular areas. Mild winters, beautiful spring, cool summer and an unforgettable Aegean autumn. You are always welcome to visit the Museum of "Ouzo", the Culture Center, and to appreciate the achitecture, to enjoy the local traditions and the products .