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Olive Oil - At Saint Isidoros Plomari Lesvos (Lesbos) Greece meet the Hotel Vicky-Στον Άγιο Ισίδωρο στο Πλώμάρι της Λέσβου γνωρίστε το ξενοδοχείο Βίκυ



Olive Oil

Olive-oil !

The …."ladel" as the natives call it …Amber-colored by the chromatic reflection of the Lesvian sun-light and the Aegean's sea-salt breezes, delicious, exciting, stored in earthenware jars down in the cellars, with numerous uses : from mystic offering to the Holly Unction and the lighting of candles in churches, till being the dominator of the Lesvian traditional cuisine, beloved god of the local fetes at the stone-paved ship-yards ! Its use is important not only at the daily diet but for good health as well. The first taste of it is unique while it flows warm and fresh at the olive press filling in with the jugs and cisterns. At this moment warm slices of bread are harmonically combined with this juice.

    The Lesbian recipes are harmonically combined with the liquid gold - as Homer called it - satisfying the most demanding eater. In Lesvos olive oil is the basis of the local diet as it has undoubtedly beneficial effects on human health. The ancient doctors Hippocrates and Galinos have referred to its value recommending it for the therapy of many diseases.
Το ελαιόλαδο ομως έχει ευεργετικές επιδράσεις και στην υγεία. Ο Ιπποκράτης και ο Γαληνός, αναφέρθηκαν στις αρετές του. Η αρτηριοσκλήρυνση, η δυσπεψία, η δυσκινησία των χοληδόχων πόρων, είναι μερικές από τις ασθένειες, όπου η επίδραση του ελαιόλαδου, είναι καταλυτική.